W1S1 [stri:t] n
[: Old English; Origin: strAt]
1.) a public road in a city or town that has houses, shops etc on one or both sides
We moved to Center Street when I was young.
I walked on further down the street .
Someone just moved in across the street .
a car parked on the other side of the street
Look both ways before you cross the street .
There were soldiers marching down the main street .
There's a branch of the store in almost every high street in Britain.
We found a quiet bar in one of the side streets .
a quiet residential street
He was fined for driving the wrong way down a one-way street .
a small historic town with narrow winding streets
Two people were chatting on a street corner .
2.) the streets [plural] also the street
the busy public parts of a city where there is a lot of activity, excitement, and crime, or where people without homes live
on the streets
young people living on the streets
She felt quite safe walking the streets after dark.
street musicians (=ones who play on the street)
3.) the man/woman in the street also the man/woman on the street
the average person, who represents the general opinion about things
The man on the street assumes that all politicians are corrupt.
4.) (right) up your street
BrE exactly right for you
5.) streets ahead (of sb/sth)
BrE informal much better than someone or something else
James is streets ahead of the rest of the class at reading.
be (living) on easy street ateasy1 (13)
one-way street atone-way
walk the streets atwalk1 (8)
COLLOCATES for sense 1
along/up/down the street
across the street
on the other/opposite side of the street
cross the street
main street
high street British English (=the main street with shops in a village, town, or city)
shopping street British English (=a street with a lot of shops)
side/back street (=a street that is smaller than a main street)
busy/quiet street (=a street with a lot of activity or little activity)
crowded/deserted/empty street
one-way street (=a street where you can only drive in one direction)
narrow street
winding streets (=streets that turn in many directions)
street corner (=a place where streets meet)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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